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NEW FEATURES- IMM Inside Music Media

           I’ve added IMM Inside Music Media to my website for those who want to watch their favorite Nashville music artists being interviewed there and in the State of Virginia where the Blue Ridge and Appalachian mountains produce the finest musicians in the country.   Check out their music videos under the tab ‘Music’ and don’t forget to click on ‘Finding The Unseen’.   Below I’ve provided you with a links to clink into my main channels on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.  Subscribe if you’d like to follow my LittleEyes Production video’s and join in the fun on my FB page @RBurkeVisuals.  If you click below anyone of the images will take you there.   


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Real Time Digital News

          I built this website for the purpose of linking Internet users quickly to local, nationwide, world news, podcasts, and social media platforms.  You’ll be able to link mostly into U.S. Digital Newspaper Citywide/Statewide in your own State.  Also, you can link into DefCon Warning System, Religious sites, Health, and Science. If you’re Sports oriented, click “Early Bird” Nationwide and/or International News.  My site offers Foreign Newspapers (untranslated) for those adjusting to our language and have a desire to read familiar publications.  Whatever the reason, it’s all right here!  

          Of course, digital news sites are cropping up everywhere, so the links are being added daily.

Government Web

          When looking for Government Websites, you’ll find most of those sites right here in one place.  Quiki-Links opens you to agencies such as the Internal Revenue Service, Social Security, Medicare, and many others.  Click the Government Web and browse the various sites all at your fingertips!

Small Town News

          The link for Small Town News is discontinued since Local and Nationwide digital papers now cover most areas.  Existing links under this tab remain in place as being grandfathered in before cancellation.  

Inactive Links

          If you click on an icon and find the link inactive, it’s because those sites may be temporarily censored due to misinformation or have significant algorithm changes, strikes and demonetization by Twitter, YouTube, Google, and Facebook.  These inactive sites will stay linked until their accounts are ultimately closed.  Once closed, the links will be removed.

In Closing

There are many other links that may interest to you, so expect more to come.  Bookmark this one-stop website for a fast Quiki-Links to your world, and thank you for checking out my website!

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Internet Bill of Rights 

Please support the Internet Bill of Rights.  Call Washington at 202-224-3121, and voice any concerns you may have!


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